MILKPRODUCTS / DAIRY PRODUCTS Skimmed Milkpowder Buttermilk Powder Full Cream Milk Powder Non-Hygroscopic Whey Powder Demineralized Whey Powder Whey Protein Concentrate Anhydrous Milkfat Edible & Feed Grade Lactose Milk Protein Concentrate Non-Dairy Creamer Rennet Casein Deproteinized Whey Cheese ( young curd, semi matured, matured) Mozzarella CONFECTIONERY INGREDIENTS & STARCHES Liquid Glucose 43 & 45 BE Dextrose Monohydrate Cornstarch Tapioca Starch Potato Starch Potato Granules Potato Flakes & Flours Wheat Gluten and Starch GRAINS (FOOD) Green Mung Beans White Kidney Beans Sesame Seeds Groundnut Kernels Popcorn Chick Peas Whole Green Peas White Hilum Soybean                                          Sultana Raisins Everyone loves dairy... GRAINS (FEED) Barley/Oats Wheat Sorghum Dun/White Peas White Lupins Sunflower Seeds Safflower Seeds Vetch Seed Millet FEED MEALS Meat and Bone Meal Chilean & Peruvian Fishmeal Danish Fishmeal Fishmeal Analogue Soybean Meal Special Feed Ingredients FROZEN MEAT & PROCESSING INGREDIENTS Beef, Pork Products Poultry (Chicken & Poultry) Meat by Products TVP, HVP & Soya Isolates Monosodium Glutamate